Our vision is “a prosperous, democratic and peaceful society where citizens live harmoniously with free choice, healthy environment and quality of education”.


Our mission is that “PKH works with community representatives to empower the vulnerable and indigenous people to ensure their meaningful participation in development, and to sustain environment and natural resources through culturally appropriate practices and to strengthen quality of education”.

Core Values

The policies and procedures in this manual were established to portray Ponlok Khmer commitment to organizational and staff development. It is the responsibility of All staff members to read and understand the policies of the organization. Before signing the employment contract, an employee accepts the policies and procedures contained in this staff policy manual. This manual is available in both Khmer and English; however, in the case of discrepancies between the Khmer and English versions, the Khmer version shall take precedence.

Social Justice and democratic change:
We work together with mutual respect and commitment, expecting and valuing each other’s opinions and ideas in all our work to reach common goal of social justice and democratic change.

Respect local knowledge and culturally appropriated practices
We affirm the dignity and the contribution of stakeholders in all their diversity (eg sex, ethnicity, health status and education) and knowledge and skills of indigenous people and other local communities in term of land and natural resource management. It includes upland rice farming system.

Empowering communities to co-exist peace and handle conflicts non-violently
We strongly believe that the needs and the rights of people can only be fulfilled with their active and informed participation and ownership. We work with people so that they can make decisions and define and take responsibility for their own development. We work to stop all forms of human rights discrimination and violation and promote peace solution of all conflicts including conflicts on land and neutral resource management.

Respect multi-cultural, socio-economic rights and gender equality:
We believe that indigenous communities or communities working together have the right to follow their own language, culture and priorities within Cambodian development. All of us are respect cultural and socio-economic rights of indigenous peoples and local communities.

Honesty and Integrity
We are transparent, accountable, and fair and open in all that we say and do and we accept responsibility for individual and collective actions. (We do what we have said and say what we have done).

We believes (value) in justice and democratic changed society where women and men have power to determine their own development works with capacity to handle conflict non-violently and peacefully; and cultural, social and political rights are respected with having a greater responsibility to natural resources.

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